Specials and More

Florida Osceola Turkey hunt - Lodging, Guides, Meals are included.   For $1700 you can have the opportunity to harvest one Osceola Turkey.  Already sold out for 2020 but you should get on the list.  We are 100% on this hunt each year.

Featured here:  My 2019 Osceola.  Bobcat is also open during March as an opportunity hunt at no extra charge while turkey hunting. I harvested a Bobcat in 2019.

New Brunswick, Canada - Black Bear - $1,700.  Includes everything but getting there and back.  Lodging, guides, meals, snacks, license/tag, and taxes are all included.

Featured here:  Father and Son harvest their bears on the same day.

2020 Texas Hogs - Apr 2 - 5, 2020

I am headed to Texas in early April for 3 nights of Safari style hog hunting with thermal scopes. This is a semi-guided hog hunt for 3 nights (2.5 days). Arrive Thursday, early afternoon to be shown around, sight in our firearms, have a great dinner and then get on some hogs. Head out to several areas where the free ranging hogs have been known to frequent. Outfitter will be setting up bait sites, water holes and more well in advance or our arrival. Departure is Sunday morning. Total cost including Outfitter Service Fee(tips) and taxes is $922.50. Thermal scopes will be rented from a company in Dallas, TX for an additional cost. We have four hunters and one observer committed to this hunt already.

If you can't join me on those dates then maybe you will allow me to set up this adventure for you some other time.

2020 Alaska - July 15 - 26, 2020

‚ÄčTina and I are headed to Alaska on July 15, 2020. If you would like to join us for all or part of this adventure, please let me know as soon as possible. Some people just want to do the Halibut fishing and still others want to tour more and do less fishing. The following itinerary is what we have locked in on. You can adjust your schedule to what you want. Maybe you want a shorter adventure than this 12 day one. 

Remember, if you can't join for the whole trip, perhaps you'll want to go on just a portion of it. Or maybe you want something similar for some other time next year, or the year after. Let me know how I can help.

Day 1, July 15:  Wed - Travel to Anchorage - CVG 7 am flight, arrive ANC around noon.  Pick up coach, drive to Seward campground. 
Day 2, July 16: Thur - Halibut Fishing
Day 3, July 17: Fri - Combo fishing
Day 4, July 18: Sat - Halibut. Travel to Kenai. (Cooper Creek RV camping)
Day 5,  July 19: Sun - King fishing. 
Day 6, July 20: Mon - float plane.  Sockeye Fishing /Adventure for Bears, glacier and more
Day 7, July 21: Tue - King Fishing
Day 8, July 22: Wed - Travel to Whittier.  Prince William Sound Glacier tour.  12:30 - 17:30 ET. 
Day 9, July 23: Thur - Touring towards Talkeetna
Day 10, July 24: Fri  - Touring around Denali, 
Day 11, July 25: Sat - Touring and return RV and catch flight home, arrive next morning.
Day 12, July 26: Sun - Arrive home in the early AM.

I hope we can get quite a few of you folks to join us. Its going to be great!